Ride to Garhpanchkot, Purulia

The hour hand on the clock had crossed 1 pm and we were yet to take any serious food. Baranti, with all its beauty and calmness was not a place to have some lunch. So we had to find some decent place to keep the burning stomach in control.

From our location it was clear that the famous Garhpanchkot Hill was nearby, so was the Panchet Dam. Since, Garhpanchkot was a popular tourist spot, and few hotels were set up, we were hopeful of getting some tasty food. Though the month of May was not the best  time to visit, we kept our fingers crossed and headed towards Garhpanchkot.

The road to Garhpanchkot from Baranti was an uneventful one. The road passed through some villages and finally met with the Asansol Raghunathpur highway. After 1-2 kms, a right turn would lead to the popular spot named Garhpanchkot.

Garhpanchkot was once a thriving capital of the local king. There were a number of temples situated here and there and also in the nearby villages. The demise of the kingdom started when the Maratha Army attacked Bengal. They invaded from the west and attacked this region several times. They set fire on the castle and also on the temples. It was also told that all the seven Queens of the king committed suicide by jumping in a deep well to avoid the invading Maratha Army. Now the only things remains there are the ruins of the thriving kingdom and its legacy.

The ruins
Abandoned Temple
On the ruins

Now only one temple is still standing there, at the base of the Garhpanchkot hill. The Indian Archaeology department had started to renovate the sole signature of the once thriving kingdom. The temple with the hill at the backdrop is a major tourist attraction in this area.

The main temple

We reached there with the hope of some tasty and good food, but only found a snacks shop. They informed us that the nearby hotels offer food on prior order basis. We took some snacks and a bottle of cold drinks. That kept the hunger at bay for some time, till we found some place to take the lunch.

So we shot some more photos and moved on.

Ek selfie to banta hai boss
Udaan with friend
Finally, the rider selfie

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