Ride to Baranti Reservoir, Purulia

It hadn’t rained since morning, and the sun was dissipating the clouds. The weather was getting hotter. We were resting under a tree outside the temple and searching for nearby attractions in the google map. Then a small reservoir caught my attention. Baranti Reservoir.

Google maps showed the distance to be around 25 kms, but we found traces of some ridable way leading towards the reservoir. It was going through a small forest on the side if some unknown hill, connecting a village to the reservoir.

The Google route

We asked a local shopkeeper, he confirmed our guess. He informed us that the road is used by the villagers and it was in good condition for a bike ride. But we needed to be careful in the jungle part. We agreed and moved.

The road to Baranti was more or less in good shape with occasional patch of rough patches. But the jungle part was thrilling. Although the road could be easily identified, few sharp turns and blind angles along with sandy surface made it a tricky ride. (Un)fortunately no trace of elephant horde was visible.

Somewhere on the way to Baranti

Baranti is an artificially constructed reservoir under the Baranti hill on the river Baranti. It was built to supply water to a large portion of this area where scarcity of water is common. Although the river Damodar crosses the area nearby, due to uneven landscape and higher altitude it was impossible to bring the water of Damodar river through DVC canal. Hence the need to construct a local reservoir. There is a guest house near the reservoir. People looking to spend a day in serenity amidst the forest, hill and water body would surely like this place.

The Water, the Hill and the Ride

Selfie time

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