Ride to Biharinath Hill and Temple, Bankura

After the railway crossing, the road goes through a forest. In these areas, there are a number of small reserved forests occupying a few sq kms. These forests are known to give shelters to the Dalma Elephants who, in search of food, occasionally attack on the nearby villages. News of elephant attacks during the harvest season is common in these areas.

We headed towards the forest with full throttle. The road was smooth with minimum to no traffic.

Just when we were about let ourselves loose in the forest road, a small gathering was noticed. The ongoing 2 wheelers were being stopped for some reason. At first it appeared like a regular police checking, but then we found there were no uniformed officers!! My friend asked me if they were the notorious Maoists collecting some money! I too was thinking in the same line, but decided to see what it was all about. But what we found was a beautiful thing.

A club from a nearby village was organising a blood donation camp, and they were providing Glucose water to the people on two wheelers. Although the weather was not too hot, but the humidity was very high. In such a situation, cool Glucose water was like the elixir from heaven.

They asked us our whereabouts and where we were going, to which we didn’t have any concrete answer. One of them suggested us to visit Biharinath Temple. He gladly explained us about the route and what to expect there. We both agreed and decision was taken. An unexpectedly nice hospitality on a day not like any other. Memories are built on such small but beautiful feelings.

Now, the destination was selected, the route was inquired, only the journey was to perform. We gladly moved towards Biharinath.
The Biharinath Temple is situated at the base of the Biharinath hill. It is the highest peak of Bankura District. We were told that we would instantly recognize when we see that. We were not so sure about it though.

When we were approaching Saltora, the hill came into our view. It was clear where we needed to go, but not sure which road was to be taken. We asked for direction, and were shown a road sneaking through a forest. It would be better not to call it a road. It gave us a rare opportunity of Off-roading.

As we were off to the unknown, it was a blessing in disguise. Only I was worried about my tyre. But the thrill to venture in the forest overcame the doubt. So we proceeded towards the Biharinath.

It was the road and the stiff suspension of my ride made me regret for the first time for buying the Duke. Every pothole, every rough sent the impact directly to the spine. It was well understood that Duke was not suited for Off-roading specially with me on its back. My friend on his Fazer was feeling better.

My ride Udaan with the Biharinath Hill in the background

The Off-roading continued for another 5 kms and we found a somewhat better road winding through the forest and hills. The road gave us some thrill as it was the first time we were riding on a hilly road with curves here and there and green forest alongside. It was a surreal experience.

We reached Biharinath in no time.

It was learnt Biharinath Temple is popular among the locals as they offer their pujas and prayer to the god. People kept coming and going in small numbers while we were resting just outside the temple. The temple was a very simple one, but unlike other hindu temples clean and quite. A few locals asked us to shoot photos so that more people became aware of the temple which in turn would increase the number of visitors. We felt honoured by such request.

The gate of the temple
Biharinath Hill

Can you spot your’s truely here?
A rock naturally formed as an Ox
Ancient idol
Fun time

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