Two Friends on Two-Wheelers

It was in the month of May, 2017 we last went for a long ride. There were a few short ones but they were not enough to satiate our hunger. Few plans were made and cancelled. Meanwhile I got transferred, had to settle at new office, travelled Deoghar and Chennai in November and December with family. And in between all these, what I was missing the most was riding.

My friend bought himself an upgrade in the form of brand new Fazer 25 from his old fazer v1. He was eager to try his new machine on a long ride. And suddenly all the pieces of puzzle fell in places and a plan was made overnight.

And here we came riding after a long and distressful 8 months…..

The plan was to start early, but weather god had other plans. There were forecast of light raining, and it WAS raining in the morning. But I was in no mood to refrain myself. So I start at 8:30 when the rain stopped with much resistance within the family. The road was calling me, how can I ignore?

The last time we visited Purulia, we took the Durgapur-Barjora route. This time we took the Raniganj-Mejia route. The journey till Raniganj was fairly uneventful with riding along the NH2 with an average speed of 80kmph.

Raniganj is famous for coal mines and the roads are full with Trucks, Dumpers carrying coals to their destinations. We slowed a lot in the traffic and following a number of trucks reach the Mejia bridge on river Damodar.

Mejia is a nearby thermal power plant whose coal is supplied from Raniganj through this bridge by rail and road. No passenger train moves along this route, only coal supply wagons.

We stopped there for some photo shooting. There had been some complaints from my friend regarding very few photos en route. I too agreed with him, cause I tend to cover as many places as possible which leaves very little time to shoot pictures on the way. But this time was different. I signalled him to stop for photos and he more than happily obliged.


Panchet Dam

Now that the hunger was in control, we decided to go to Panchet Dam. There were two reasons behind it: first, the dam was very near, so it would be stupidity if we didn’t visit it. Second, we decided to take a different and direct route to back.

But true to our riding spirit for the day, we decided not to take the highway, rather another road almost touching the base of the hill and through the forest. This road too was less travelled, with minimum traffic. It took us 15-20 minutes to reach Panchet Dam. But it was past 3:30pm with no food, so we were in a hurry.

The guards

Panchet Dam is an earthen dam conatructed on the Damodar river. One side of the dam falls in the district of Purulia, the other side the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. In terms of natural beauty or popularity Panchet Dam always stayed second the nearby Maithan Dam. Panchet almost always  remain isolated.

The dam with the Garpanchkot hill
Damodar River
The Dam

Photography was prohibited, so we could not shot as many photos as we would have liked.

After that we came directly to Chirkunda, found a restaurant and ordered some food. My friend was so hungry that he started eating salad as soon as it arrived.

The food was delicious.

Then we started from Chirkunda and rode towards Burdwan through NH2. We just took a 5 min butt break near Panagarh and reached home by 6:30pm. Total odo for the day was 375 kms.

It was a day well spent. Visited some remote temple, rode on some hilly curves, found a reservoir in a jungle surrounded by hills , witnessed some lost glory of a thriving kingdom, sat on a dam that was unique and most of all, felt some unexpected nobility by some unknown villagers. It was a day worth remembering.

I can definitely say it was a day not wasted!!


Ride to Garhpanchkot, Purulia

The hour hand on the clock had crossed 1 pm and we were yet to take any serious food. Baranti, with all its beauty and calmness was not a place to have some lunch. So we had to find some decent place to keep the burning stomach in control.

From our location it was clear that the famous Garhpanchkot Hill was nearby, so was the Panchet Dam. Since, Garhpanchkot was a popular tourist spot, and few hotels were set up, we were hopeful of getting some tasty food. Though the month of May was not the best  time to visit, we kept our fingers crossed and headed towards Garhpanchkot.

The road to Garhpanchkot from Baranti was an uneventful one. The road passed through some villages and finally met with the Asansol Raghunathpur highway. After 1-2 kms, a right turn would lead to the popular spot named Garhpanchkot.

Garhpanchkot was once a thriving capital of the local king. There were a number of temples situated here and there and also in the nearby villages. The demise of the kingdom started when the Maratha Army attacked Bengal. They invaded from the west and attacked this region several times. They set fire on the castle and also on the temples. It was also told that all the seven Queens of the king committed suicide by jumping in a deep well to avoid the invading Maratha Army. Now the only things remains there are the ruins of the thriving kingdom and its legacy.

The ruins
Abandoned Temple
On the ruins

Now only one temple is still standing there, at the base of the Garhpanchkot hill. The Indian Archaeology department had started to renovate the sole signature of the once thriving kingdom. The temple with the hill at the backdrop is a major tourist attraction in this area.

The main temple

We reached there with the hope of some tasty and good food, but only found a snacks shop. They informed us that the nearby hotels offer food on prior order basis. We took some snacks and a bottle of cold drinks. That kept the hunger at bay for some time, till we found some place to take the lunch.

So we shot some more photos and moved on.

Ek selfie to banta hai boss
Udaan with friend
Finally, the rider selfie